Coachella // Chromatic Craze 👁🌈

Coachella // Chromatic Craze 👁🌈


Clover Canyon sleeveless dress
355 CAD –

Y.R.U. cut-out boots
105 CAD –

Pamela Love gold earrings
7,460 CAD –

Holly Dyment 18k ring
4,480 CAD –

Sydney Evan evil eye necklace
1,400 CAD –

Iridescent glasses
100 CAD –

Tarte beauty product
24 CAD –


Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️

Hope your day is rainbow-bright!! 😘🌈❤️

Prismatic Lights

While enjoying my Sunday morning cup of coffee and browsing through InStyle Magazine, I stumbled across a selection of amazing one-of-kind lamps.

My personal favourite is the prismatic lamp by Sean Augustine March.  His beautiful glass sculptures are a cut above the rest!

Check out his Rayleigh and Fresnel designs, and other spectacular-spectrum work in his shop.