Prismatic Lights

While enjoying my Sunday morning cup of coffee and browsing through InStyle Magazine, I stumbled across a selection of amazing one-of-kind lamps.

My personal favourite is the prismatic lamp by Sean Augustine March. Β His beautiful glass sculptures are a cut above the rest!

Check out his Rayleigh and FresnelΒ designs, and other spectacular-spectrum work in his shop.



Crystal Craze

Did a massive bookshelf cleanup and clear out, then stumbled across some magical crystal bookends. ⭐️😍⭐️

Happy to now have room on the shelf for these gems, thanks to Feng Shui and KonMari space clearing tips.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Raise the vibrations. ❀️



Sofa King Awesome!!

This I pretty much my dream living room!


Amazing Mah Jong CompositionΒ modular sofa by Roche Bobois featuring Missoni Home psychedelic prints.

Endless arrangements and pattern play!

The creative’s dream. 😍

Zenning ☯ Love

Zenning out in the sun this morning with these little gems.Β β™‘

A little manifestation of love.

Following the practice of Feng Shui design, this arrangement has a home in a “love and relationships” corner of my place.

A circle base for infinite unity.

Rose quartz to promote calmness, healing and love.

A touch of green for the heart chakra.

An inspiring quote from Yogi Tea: Love is to live for each other.

Sending out loving vibes into the universe…β™‘